World Kidney Day in Sheffield

World Kidney Day was brought to Sheffield in 2015 by In the Works PR. We worked with Northern General Hospital’s Sheffield Kidney Institute to raise awareness of kidney disease among the local population.

This was a real case of a PR campaign on a shoestring and with a very limited timeframe. There was no budget for a website, so we took to social media 6 weeks before the actual day, using what budget there was to create good quality, engaging video content, drawing on our fantastic media contacts and building a great portfolio of patients’ stories.

We pulled the proverbial rabbit out of hat with this PR campaign. As well as establishing and managing a Facebook page, creating a suite of case studies and producing this great film, we also secured features in the Sheffield Star and Telegraph, Derbyshire Times and interviews with BBC Radio Sheffield and Radio Iman. Between 16 February – 31 March, the posts on the World Kidney Day in Sheffield Facebook page reached 34,824 people and the video was viewed 2,351 times. Pretty impressive we thought.