Blog: Exploring Europe by rail

They say that school days are the best days of your life. That’s debatable, but one thing that is really great about school is the holidays. The only problem is that we don’t appreciate them until we have left school and are in the world of work. Your annual summer break becomes precious and there’s pressure to enjoy it and pack as much into it as possible. This year, Joe Morton did exactly that.

Joe  joined In the Works PR three years ago as an apprentice straight from school. This year he decided to have an extended summer holiday when he embarked on a journey Interrailing around Europe. Needless to say, it was an unforgettable experience.

If you’re planning your summer holiday for 2019, find out what Joe has to say about six European destinations in his blog below.

“It was the first time I’d ever decided to go on a holiday where I visit multiple places, having generally just been on the standard package holidays with the odd long weekend city breaks in between. However, I’ve always been interested in the idea of travelling and decided that it was the right time to try something new.

During the two weeks I was away, I visited Rome, Venice, Budapest, Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam. Apart from the flight to Rome and the flight back from Amsterdam, all of the travelling was done on trains and on the Metro. Here’s what i thought about each of my destinations:



The first place I visited, and I have to say, my favourite, was the Eternal City – Rome. The architecture within the city is like nothing you’ve ever seen before and the history is fascinating. The Vatican City, Trevi Fountain and The Colosseum were just some of the highlights, alongside the food – pizza and pasta every night!




Our second stop was only a short train journey away as we remained in Italy to visit the City of Love – Venice. Famously built on water, Venice is an attraction in itself and is even more beautiful when you see it for yourself. Again, as you’d expect in Italy, the food was great and so was the scenery. If you’re lucky enough to get the opportunity, you have to go here.



Rooftop bars, castles and amazing kebabs sums up our experience in the Hungarian capital. Budapest’s nightlife is definitely something that stands out – you can see why it is becoming increasingly popular for stag weekends and hen parties. However, the city is not just a party destination. it boasts amazing scenic views thanks to stunning castles and churches that overlook the entirety of Budapest.



Prague is certainly up there with my favourite cities. Cobbled streets, huge bridges and incredible architecture await you in the Czech capital, along with some landmarks you just can’t miss out on. One of the most recognisable landmarks is the John Lennon wall which, since the 1980s, has been filled with John Lennon and The Beatles-inspired graffiti.




The penultimate destination on our travels, and one of the hottest, was the capital of Germany – Berlin. Known for its art scene and modern landmarks, there was endless amounts to see here (we could’ve done with more than two days). However, we managed to get to see the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag building and much more. This city would be perfect for a long weekend sightseeing with the family and I certainly intend to return!



Amsterdam really is a unique city that comes alive at night. However, unless you brave the cycling paths, be prepared for some serious walking! Full of waterways and bridges, the city was reminiscent of our second destination – Venice, and was one of the most welcoming of the cities. The people were friendly and most were fluent in English (although we did try and speak a little bit of Dutch to be polite). Amsterdam was definitely the perfect place to bring our travels to an end.


My first proper travelling experience was incredible and a holiday that will be hard to beat. Interrailing is something I can recommend to anyone; it is a great way to see a lot of places in a short amount of time without breaking the bank. We used Interrailing Packages, but there are loads of providers out there.

I look forward to travelling more in the future but, after that hectic holiday, I think next summer might be the time for a long relaxing break in the sun…